The Iron Triangle of Digital Health: Validation, ROI, Sustainability

How New Validations are Holding Digital Health to a Higher Standard

Wednesday, August 31

11am PT / 2pm ET

Al Lewis

CEO of Quizzify, Founder & Advisor of Validation Institute

Linda Riddell

VP, Population Health,

Validation Institute

Benny DiCecca


Validation Institute

Jonathan Pearlstein

Senior Director Enterprise Marketing, Virta Health

Dr. Frank Dumont

Physician, Commercial Medical Director, Virta Health

Clinical validation, ROI, and sustainability—is it possible to have all three? As more digital health solutions crowd a saturated market, it’s become more important to separate fact from fiction and identify vendors delivering best-in-class clinical and financial outcomes. This month, Validation Institute (a leading authority in evaluating digital health solutions), launched their newest “gold standard” of validation. This new level of validation is backed by a $50k financial guarantee and is the most comprehensive yet.

Join Al Lewis and Validation Institute as they share:

  1. Why evaluating vendors via rigorous validation is important for your bottom line
  2. How to use the new gold standard in validation to evaluate vendors

Al Lewis, the CEO of Quizzify, is widely considered the leading expert on vendor outcomes measurement. He is the founder of the Validation Institute (where he now serves as an advisor), and is author of the seminal trade-bestselling textbook on outcomes measurement Why Nobody Believes the Numbers (Wiley, 2012). His analyses have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Incidental Economist, and several times in Health Affairs. Earlier this year, his methodology for measuring outcomes was highlighted in a Harvard Business School case study. While he is well-known for exposing the invalidity of vendor claims, and for betting substantial sums of money against vendor claims, this is the first time he has ever bet a large sum of money in support of a vendor claim.

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