Measuring Health Solution Impact: 
How to Sniff Out Tricks, Traps, and Misdirection

Health vendors tend to make big promises about their impact on health and cost savings. But the ways in which they measure their impact can be misleading, opaque, and not based on standardized statistical approaches. This webinar will help employers and health plans sift fact from fiction, and identify solutions that deliver real results.  


CEO RD Whitney will share how the Validation Institute measures outcomes for the healthcare and wellness industry, and specifically chronic disease and diabetes solutions. He will also cover how third-party validation is positioned to bring truth and clarity to the healthcare benefits world.


Thi Montalvo, leading Health Analytics at Willis Towers Watson, will share insights on market trends and her experience evaluating program impact using data-driven methodologies. 

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Wednesday, June 10

9am PST / 12pm EST

This webinar will feature
the following panelists:

Thi Montalvo, MHA

North America Health Analytics Practice Leader, Willis Towers Watson

Derek Newell, 


SVP Commercial, Virta Health

RD Whitney, MBA

CEO, Validation Institute

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