Diabetes Reversal:
The Definitive Guide for Health Payers

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Learn how top health plans are leveraging a novel diabetes treatment to control A1c while safely eliminating prescription medications, including insulin. Other key sections include:

  • Clinical trial outcomes
  • Patient stories
  • Treatment overview

Diabetes Reversal is Here

Virta's Unmatched Outcomes

Average A1c reduction after one year


Percent of patients who eliminate or reduce their insulin after one year.


Percent reduction in cardiovascular risk score, including reductions in blood pressure and triglycerides.


Average weight loss after one year, significantly more than the threshold for clinical significance.

-30 lbs

Hallberg SJ et al. Diabetes Therapy. 2018; 9(2):583-612; Bhanpuri NH et al. Cardiovas Diabetol. 2018:17;56.

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The Definitive Guide for Health Payers

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