COVID-19 and Diabetes:
What We Know, What We Don’t

Wednesday, April 8

9 am PT  /  12 pm ET

People living with diabetes are at higher risk for serious complications related to COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC is recommending that people with diabetes, as well as other vulnerable populations, take extra precautions to reduce their risk.

What should people living with diabetes do to reduce their risk? What does the scientific literature say about health risks related to COVID-19 and diabetes? What can employers, health plans, and health systems do right now to support vulnerable populations? And what are we still hoping to learn?

The leading diabetes and infectious disease experts will admit—we do not have all the answers. But despite the uncertainty, there are some clear actions we can take right now that could potentially save lives. And by clearly explaining what we know today, and what we are still trying to understand, we can demystify some of the public’s most common misconceptions and fears.

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This webinar will include presentations and a panel discussion of some of the nation’s leading experts in diabetes and infectious disease:

Bob Ratner, MD

Former Chief Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association

Liza Fitzpatrick,

CDC-trained medical epidemiologist, former Chief Medical Officer of Washington DC’s Medicaid program

Anne Peters, MD

Director of the USC Clinical
Diabetes Program

Sarah Hallberg,

Medical Director,  Virta Health

David Harrison, MD

Head of Clinical Care, Virta Health

Kelly Close

Founder, The diaTribe Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of people living with diabetes and prediabetes

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